"Movement is more than medicine, it's the fountain of youth!"

My name is Daniel Murakami. I have a passion for helping people cultivate a richer, less restricted life. My mission is to empower people to realize their strength and potential through movement and awareness of their amazing bodies.

I began my journey as a trainer over a decade ago working with athletes, teams, and high schools. I realized that increasing athlete's movement potential was the key to unlocking performance and preventing injury. It also happens to be what the general person looking to improve their fitness needs on a basic level.

Now my mission is to help people move better, feel better, and regain their ability to play again.

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"Live life dynamically. Move. More."

~ Ido Portal

"I have been a distance runner for the the majority of my life and kept suffering multiple injuries. I was referred to DJ for strengthening and preventing these recurring injuries. I have been training with DJ for over 5 years and I have accomplished physical strengths I never thought possible as well as running 100 percent injury free. He has changed my fitness life and goals for the better and I am stronger, faster and fitter in my forties than ever before! The results I have achieved today are largely due to DJ's perfect combination of diverse training methods, challenging yet achievable goal setting and individualized exercise program. His professionalism, extensive knowledge and constant dedication to his work in understanding the body and its mechanics provides the perfect scenario for success and sets foundations for healthier lifestyles and longevity. He is the real deal in an industry full of 'wannabes' and is the standard by which any trainer should be measured."

~ Kerry Erling

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