Emptiness Project

Emptiness Project

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What is the EP?

An experiential immersion into what it means to be human. We offer a calm, safe, loving, challenging & energetic environment for groups to come & fully show-up to who they are. The space we cultivate is one to help expose, witness, challenge & nurture your truest Self - however that may reveal itself. Our structure is less about hierarchical teaching, but more about viewing everyone as equal components in the interaction that unfolds during the event

How did it start?

During an experimental immersion in the desert looking at various tools of awareness & their potentials to bridge the gaps between the physical, the emotional & temporal landscapes facing our human nature. We (DJ & Tom) opened up to the power of experience to be our greatest teacher, deciding then to cultivate this space for others to delve into & share their potentials 

Why "Emptiness?"

Inspired by Taoist philosophy, the EP seeks to experience the natural rhythms aligning the universe - embodied through our physicality - exposed via tools of awareness, stillness, communion & intention. We leave no stones unturned in our practice. Emptiness, or "wu", represents our potential - the space fashioned by the making of the clay vessel. When we inhale are we full? When we exhale are we empty? The only way to truly know is to experience

Where is it held?

Joshua Tree, California in October & Sacred Valley, Peru in July

Are the 2 events different?

Our principles remain the same yet the setting allows for slightly different focus in terms of practices & experiences. The Sacred Valley offers a powerful space for experiencing plant medicines & mountain energy, whereas the desert landscape of Joshua Tree offers the chance to explore movement practices in a vast expanse of land that calls upon our inner-stillness. Both locations however, are selected to allow the group dynamic to unfold in two of the most magical settings in the world

What happens there?

A wide array of experiential tools & modalities are offered. These include:
  • -Guided Meditations
  • -Movement Practices
  • -Sound and Light Therapy
  • -Breathwork and Somatic Awareness
  • -Creative Cultivation Practices
  • -Sweat Lodge
  • -Sacred Medicine Ceremonies
  • -Integration Process
  • -Group Support and Communion

Who can join?

Anyone with an openness to learn, grow, share & experience themselves with curiosity, honesty, vulnerability & a humility to let go of any assumptions about the nature of human experience. We do however, require a dialogue prior to registration to clarify what this all entails & to ensure that commitment to the values of the EP is held sacred